(Written by Paul a russell, Thomas D.Morton and Leslie Jackson.)

This book is best for marine engineering officer cadets, which cover all the syllabus of motor engineering knowledge.
This book includes both theatrical knowledge and practical thermodynamic operating cycles.
The structure of book is mainly to give proper knowledge about Main engine and it's components.
Highly recommended book for marine engineering Cadets.
This book helps mostly to marine engineer officer , class 4 preparation for  Written and Oral examinations conducted by DG Shipping.

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Written by Paul a russell, Thomas D.Morton and Leslie Jackson.)


      This book provides General Engineering 
      Knowledge for Marine Engineering Cadets.
      It includes latest equipment, practices, 
      Trends in Marine Engineering.
This book is Highly recommended for marine engineering cadets. and marine engineer officer for their preparation of Written and oral examination conducted by DG Shipping.

In this New edition there are some latest updates and additional syllabus.
The following topics are revised :

  • Corrosion, water treatments and tests
  • Refrigeration and air conditioning
  • Fuels, such as LNG and LPG
  • Insulation
  • Low sulphur fuels
  • Fire and safety


               written by  richard pemberton and E A Stokae.
        This book covers the fundamentals and theoritical knowledge for marine engineers to prepare or their MEO          examinations. conducted by the DG shipping of india.

        This book is highly recommended for marine engineers and marine engineer cadets. Best reference for the               cadets who are pursuing BE/B.TECH marine engineering and GME (GRADUATE MARINE                                     ENGINEERING).  Most important book to marine engineers on naval architecture for MEO Class 4                         preparation.


  1. Hydro statics
  2. Displacement, T.P.C, coefficient of form.
  3. Calculation of area 
  4. Center of gravity.
  5. Stability o ship.
  6. Trim.
  7. Resistance.
  8. Propellers.
  9. Rudder theory.           



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