Function : 4b - MEO Class 4 Orals : MOTOR or MEOL[Marine Engineering at Operational Level]

  1. Stuffing box explain full process and clearness u will take?
  2. Explain the expansion valve in refrigeration and its process? 
  3. Explain the Latent heat of vaporization?
  4. Explain the jacket cooling water test?
  5. what is the purpose of the nozzle ring in the turbocharger?
  6. How the power transmitted to the propeller from the engine?
  7. What is Reduction gear?
  8. Explain the working principle of vertical centrifugal pump?
  9. Explain the working principle and construction of the Centrifugal pump?
  10. what is the purpose of wear rings in centrifugal pumps?
  11. Explain hydro-pore system working? how will you charge?
  12. What is the working principle of Air compressor? and the purpose of the intercooler in the compressor system?
  13. What is the Bursting disc and where it is fitted? when it gets burst?
  14. Engine tappet clearance? how much clearance should be for the exhaust valve.
  15. Boiler gauge glass blowdown.
  16. What are the reasons for the crankcase explosion? And what are the need to be taken?
  17. What is the use of steam trap and what are the checks to be done?
  18. How the charging of hydrophore is done and explain its working principle?
  19. Explain about Starting air system mechanism. How is the distributor changes direction? What is the mechanism for reversing the fuel cam?
  20. In the main air compressor, Why do you reduce the temperature of the air after the first stage? What advantages does intercooling have in the second stage? What is the requirement for an aftercooler in Compressor?
  21. Explain the functioning of the Purifier and the Principle of operation.
  22. How is the motor coupled with the purifier? What is the need for clutch or friction pads? What type of gear arrangement in the purifier. What is the Need for a disc stack?
  23. OWS principle of operation. Different parts inside the OWS. What is the need for 2 stage separation? Purpose of transducer 
  24. Blow-back in the boiler.
  25. Steam trap, explain one of them with parts and diagram.
  26. Chocks, types, the difference between resin and resilient type. 
  27. Lube oil system in 2 stroke engine cross-questions comparing with 4 strokes.
  28. Cascade tank purpose.
  29. Reversing of the main engine.
  30. Explain about a freshwater generator?
  31. Indicator cards purpose. And how do you find defects? Draw the indicator diagram for early injection, late injection. Scavenge ports choked and exhaust valve leak.
  32. What is the difference between Grid washing and water washing? And their advantages and disadvantages?
  33. Know about the air compressors used onboard?
  34. Working principle of multi-stage air compressors?
  35. What is Oil mist detector? what actions will you take there are OMD alarms sounds?
  36. What are operational procedures and checks to be done for air compressors before and  Starting?
  37. Types of boiler which one is the best to smoke and water tube?
  38. What is a Puncture valve? And its a function?
  39. What is Cloud Point?
  40. Significance of low pressure & high-pressure cutout?
  41. Boiler Blowback Fire?
  42. How to calculate the engine power of both the main engine and generator?
  43. Name all parts of the fuel injector and explain each and procedure?
  44. What instrument u use for measuring cylinder liner calibration, what and all u check?
  45. what is clover leafing?
  46. What is turbocharger surging, what and all reason can it surge?
  47. What is the disadvantage of super-long stroke?
  48. Why we don't use V engines as propulsion engine? Is it possible to have an engine with a stroke bore ratio of 1:1? If there then what is the advantage?

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