Function : 5 - MEO Class 4 Orals: Electrical or( EECEOL)

  1. What is shortcircuit, causes of short circuit, if the running motor got shortcircuit it will run or not?
  2. Overload protection of motors.
  3. Under-voltage protection for AC generators
  4. How bimetal strips are used as an overload element in motors?
  5. Operation of thermistors used for overload protection for motors.
  6. What is induction motor principle and working?
  7. Types of starters and explain star-delta and soft starter?
  8. What is the purpose of starters?
  9. Difference between a fuse and a magnetic circuit breaker?
  10. What is parallel circuit and series circuit and give example to each of them?
  11. Battery maintenance in lead-acid battery?
  12. What is Single phasing?
  13. AVR (automatic voltage regulator) sketch and explanation 
  14. How to test insulation test for an induction motor?
  15. Megger working principle?
  16. What are alternator maintenance and checks?
  17. Explain the working and use of brushless alternators?
  18. Synchoronoscope?
  19. How to start a generator onboard a ship?
  20. How to parallel two generators on board a ship?
  21. What is excitation, where it's takes place? 
  22. What is AVR & working?
  23. What is transformer, principle, working?
  24. What is mutual induction?
  25. What is intrinsically safe & its applications?
  26. What is diode and its working, what is Zener diode and working & difference between both of them?
  27. What is rectifier & uses? 
  28. Single phasing protections?
  29. What are motor safeties?
  30. Battery maintenance?
  31. What is Single phasing? and explain the reason?
  32. Open short and earth fault?
  33. Zener diode. Uses?
  34. Preferential trip How to test it?
  35. Megger uses and working principle?
  36. Main Switch Board (MSB) safeties.
  37. Maintenance of  Main Switch Board (MSB).
  38. Emergency Switch Board safeties.
  39. Thermistor.
  40. Lenz law.
  41. Star-delta starter.
  42. Types of starters? why star-delta? how starting current is reduced using star-delta?
  43. Battery maintenance?
  44. Transformer working? how voltage is reduced in stepdown transformer? what happens to current in step down transformer?
  45. Why reverse power trip. how it works.
  46. What is open circuit, short circuit, earthing and single phasing? with which equipment u check all this?
  47. How battery charging is done? what is rectifier? how the rectifier work?
  48. Motor specifications?
  49. How much is the operating voltage onboard ship?
  50. Where all synchronous motor is used on board ship?
  51. Working of oxygen analyser.
  52. How to test preferential trip.
  53. Working of 3 phase induction motor.
  54. How can a reverse power occur in an alternator?
  55. Emergency generator on load and offload testing methods.
  56. Neutral vs earth.
  57. Autostarting of emergency generator-What is power source for sensing relay.
  58. Transitional power source.
  59. What is meant by armature rising?
  60. How to identify earth fault.
  61. Avr working with diagram.
  62. How to increase insulation without dismantling motor.
  63. Difference b/w continuity and earth check.
  64. What are the parts in ac and dc motor?
  65. MEGGER safeties.
  66. How voltage is produced in generator and how maintained?
  67. Capacitor working and whether power will consume or not?
  68. Transformer loses?
  69. Power factor on ship?
  70. Zenor diode break down voltage and applications?
  71. What is IR? 
  72. Working of transformer? 
  73. Difference between step up and step down? 
  74. What causes more voltage induced in the step-up transformer? 
  75. Working of synchroscope? 
  76. What is the test voltage of megger for high voltage equipment? 
  77. How to test IR? 
  78. Type of Meggar? 
  79. How to synchronise? 
  80. Difference between high voltage and low voltage?Apart from voltage rating? 
  81. AVR working and excitation system?
  82. Current transformer?
  83. Requirements for paralleling generator?
  84. Battery maintenance?
  85. power factor and significance?
  86. HRC fuse and advantage?
  87. Mcb and advantages and uses?
  88. IP protection it's other name and what is IP65 means?
  89. Motor is dismantled what all checks you will do air gap and significance more and less what will happen?
  90. Voltage Regulator In Motor?
  91. Types of governer and proximity switch?
  92. Fuse?
  93. Types of motors on board and it is being washed with seawater?
  94. what is active power and reactive power?

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