What are alternator maintenance and check done on board ship

  • Ensure that the Alternator Prime mover Is Shut down and Locked OFF before you begin the maintenance. Also make sure that the generator breaker is OFF and generator must be kept on mannual mode in ECR . Switch OFF space heaters and isolate.

  • All wiring of Alternator should be checked for damaging of insulation and lightness of terminal. Inspect and clean the rotor and stator Windings by a dry cloth and if possible then with Low pressure day compressed air. An industrial vaccum cleaner may be used to remove dirt from the windings.

  • Air gар to be checked 1-1.5 mm.

  • Terminal Box cover gaskets to be checked

  • Cable gland to be checked for integrity.

  • Pedestal Bearing oil condition, temperature and oil level to be checked.

  • Oil and moisture may damage the winding insulation so check insulation resistance and then apply air daying varnish.

  • Check cooling air inlet and exhaust opening for dust free air felt filters to be checked and renewed.

  • Check sliprings and Brushes.

  • Generator Excitation Transformer, AVR, Rotating Diode must be kept free of dirt, oil and moisture

  • Space Heaters to be checked for proper operation.

  • After Maintenance run the Alternator at No-LOAD for sometimes and check for abnormal noise temperature, voltages and load sharing stability.

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