Maintanence of the Main Switch board

  1. Contacts should be checked for any damages and dirt.
  2. Contacts should be cleaned properly.
  3. With the help of Industry Based Vaccum cleaner MSB should be made dint free. But do this only when it is dead completely
  4. Apply Electroclean on the contacts.
  5. Never scrap or file the contacts. Always change it whenever requires
  6. Check all light indications in order.
  7. Check all handles and switches for proper functioning.
  8. Check all interlocks for their functioning.
  9. Check Fuses
  10. Check all connections for tightness.
  11. All wirings to be checked thoroughly.
  12. Check All Panels Doors are properly earthed
  13. Apply Electrical lubricant to the moving past contacts.

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