Main Switch Board [MSB] Safeties

Electrical Safeties :
  • Dead front type switchboard,
  • Fuses,
  • Relays,
  • Circuit breakers,
  • Earth fault indicators,
  • Under Voltage relay,
  • Reverse power trip,
  • Preferential trip,
  • Over current trip,
  • Short circuit trip,
  • Arc chute,
  • Ebonite rod ( to remove static charge),

General Safeties :
  • Insulated hand gloves,
  • Dry Boiler suits,
  • Shoes without metallic part,
  • Rubber pad in front of switchboard,
  • 0.6m gap behind switchboard,
  • Panel doors to be earthed,
  • Interlocked handles for opening doors.
  • No water, oil, or steam pipeline in its vicinity.

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