Function : 3 - MEO Class 4 Orals : SAFETY or COSCOPOOL

  1. What is the GRT and NRT of the ship?
  2. What is the deadweight and lightweight of the ship?
  3. What are DOC and SMC?
  4. What is SART? and explain its purpose?
  5. How ventilation of the pump room is done?
  6. Define equilibrium, stable and unstable ship? What is the meaning of tender and stiff ship?
  7. What is Tumblehome?
  8. What is a freeboard and its purpose?
  9. What is Camber?
  10. What is the meaning rise of floor and bilge radius.?
  11. Define metacenter and metacentric height?
  12. Define wake, wake fraction and real slip or true slip? What do you mean by slip and apparent slip?
  13. What is the wetted surface area of a ship?
  14. Similar ships?
  15. What is reserve buoyancy?
  16. Define strake, what is garboard strake and steeler strake?
  17. What are sheer strake and its importance?
  18. What is stringer and margine plate?
  19. Explain about CO2 fixed fire fighting system or CO2 flooding system?
  20. Types of bulkhead. Explain corrugated bulkhead.
  21. What is Flag State Control and Port State Control?
  22. Explain SOLAS chapter 9.
  23. Foam type portable fire extinguisher
  24. DCP portable Extinguisher.
  25. Enclosed space entry checks and procedures
  26. Hot work permit on board.
  27. Chain locker room construction.
  28. Bilge discharge criteria.
  29. Explain about Static stresses and Dynamic stresses?
  30. What is Hull protection?
  31. Fire safety for paint room.
  32. Bilge holding tank discharge criteria
  33. Constructional Difference b/w tanker and bulk carrier cargo tanks?
  34. Draw transverse framed double bottom?
  35. For what vessel MARPOL,annex-4 will applicable?
  36. Fire triangle?
  37. Chain locker safeties?
  38. Explain about Armichedies principle,
  39. what is Reserve buoyancy
  40. Explain about Free surface effect? what is the effect on GM?
  41. Explain about Angle of loll
  42. ICCP & Chemical reaction
  43. MGPS
  44. Galvanic reaction
  45. Annex I discharge criteria
  46. Annex V discharge criteria
  47. Types of Fixed extinguisher
  48. Where will use sprinkler system in ship & Working?
  49. What gases present in scavenge Enclosed space.
  50. what is Classification society?
  51. What is SOLAS? chapter-9 of SOLAS? types of certificates and validity?
  52. Difference between port state inspection and flag state inspection 
  53. Sewage tank regulations.
  54. Transverse double bottom tank diagram.
  55. Docking plug location, use and diagram.
  56. Explain about working of the CO2 system.
  57. Location of master v/v and its function.
  58. Limit switch in a lifeboat.
  59. Emergency fire pump regulation.
  60. Fire fighting equipment’s in ECR.
  61. Fire control and ship safety plan.
  62. Reserve buoyancy
  63. Emergency fire pump regulations.
  64. Fire plan and location.
  65. TPC and varies with fresh water and seawater?
  66. DCP content and how much co2 is there and how to use it DCP?
  67. Flame, heat and smoke detectors fitted where?
  68. Fixed fire fighting system in the engine room.
  69. Marpol full form and all annexes.
  71. Aft peak bulkhead purpose and where is fitted?
  72. What is isolating v/v?
  73. ORB entries sequence wise?
  74. Lifeboat devit safety?
  75. 2020 Regulation of sulphur, If we want to use 3.5 % then what is the procedure?

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