Emergency fire pump regulations

  • The emergency fire pump must be of a fixed independent driven power operated pump.
  • The capacity of the pump must not be less than 40% of the total capacity of the fire pumps as detailed under " capacity of the fire pumps" shown below.
  • In case, the capacity of the pump must not be less than the following : For passenger ships of less than 1000 GT and for cargo ships of 2000 GT and upwards - 25 m² per hour.                    For cargo ships of less than GT 15 m³ per hour.
  • The pressure at the hydrants, i,e. when the pump is delivering the water as detailed in the previous bullet, the pressure at the hydrants must not be less than the minimum pressure as specified under, "The pressure of water in the fire mains at the hydrants".
  • The "total suction head" and the "net positive suction" of the pump must be determined having due regard to the requirements of SOLAS, the pump capacity and hydrant pressures, as measured above, under every condition of list, trim, pitch and roll that likely to be encountered in service (excluding the ballast condition in which a ship enters or leaves a dry dock).
  • Diesel driven power source for the pump must be capable of being readily started in its cold condition (down to 0 deg, by hand/manual cranking). If this not practicable or if the temperature required to be negotiated could be lower, the providing and maintaining of the heating arrangement ( as acceptable to the administration) in aid of assured and ready starting of the engine, needs to be considered.
  • If the hand or manual starting is not possible, the other means of starting needs to be permitted by the administration. By these permissible means, one ought to be able to start the power source at minimum of 6 times within a period of 30 min, and at least twice within the first 10 mins.
  • The service tank supplying the fuel to the Diesel driven power source, must have the capacity to enable the pump to run on full load for a minimum of 3 hours , sufficient reserves of fuel must be available on board, outside the machinery space of category - A , for enabling the pump to run on full load for an additional  15 hours.

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