Enclosed Space Entry checks

  • While entering in encloses space you keep filling out a checklist.
  • You should then test the atmosphere inside the space for oxygen content and you should also check the concentration of harmful gases.
  • If the oxygen content is below acceptable limits then the space should be the thoroughly ventilated. The oxygen levels should be 21% by volume.
  • After the space is thoroughly ventilated.You should test the atmosphere once more to confirm if it will be comfortable for entry and work.
  • Keep all the ventilators, manholes and Booby hatches of the space open for continuous ventilation.
  • You should keep a breathing apparatus positioned at the entry to the space.
  • you should also ensure that one man is always stationed at the entry point outside the space with suitable means of communication.
  • If the enclosed space is below deck then a lifeline should be lowered and secured at the entry point.
  • The entry point should be clear of any obstruction.
  • You should provide sufficient lightning inside the enclosed space.
  • All person entering the enclosed space should be mustard. The officer of the watch should be informed before you enter.
  • All personal entering the enclosed space should carry some means of communication such as a walkie talkie.
  • After entering the space if any person feels uncomfortable then that person should immediately exit the space and go outside to take in fresh air.

Before and after wearing a SCBA

Following checks of breathing apparatus should be made before entering the space.

A person who is to enter the space should, before entry,make the following checks of the breathing apparatus together with the master or officer in charge of the word corporation :

  1. Air supply pressure.
  2. Audibility and operating pressure of low pressure alarm on self contained breathing apparatus.
  3. Leak tightness of space mask and adequacy of air supply.

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