How to start a generator on board ship

All interlocks should not be active.
  1. Check sump level, Fuel oil, Jacket water (Expansion tank level) and Ensure all valves for cooling is opened.
  2. From MSB, change over Remote - Local switch to "LOCAL' and Put the individual generator selection switch to manual.
  3. Start L.O Priming pump and putting it in auto. 
  4. Check Seawater and Jacket cooling water flow.
  5. Check Starting Air Pressure (Air Bottle Pressure).
  6. Check, the oil level in Turbocharger Turbine & Compressor.
  7. Check oil level in Governor if not ok replenish with current quality.
  8. Open the indicator cock and Open the starting Air valve for few Seconds and close it. Ensure only Air is coming out of the cylinder & nor water.
  9. Close or Shut the indicator cock. Open the Starting Air valve and pressurize the starting Air Lever.
  10. Engine RPM will increase.
  11. As the Engine picks up speed let the starting lever.
  12. Let the engine running at no-load Condition. Let the Exhaust gas temperature and all the parameter to be normal.
  13. Now put on LOAD. and Take round the engine to check any visible abnormality wait for 10 minutes. and till all the temperatures settle down and become stable.

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