How to parallel two generators on board ship

Let us consider generator 1 is on load, that is the circuit breaker of generator 1 is closed and generator 2 engine is running and but the circuit breaker is not closed.

Switch on the synchronising switch of the generator on the synchro panel. The bus frequency and upcoming frequency will be indicated.
If the incoming frequency is more than the bus bar frequency reduce the rpm of the generator by operating the governor switch of the generator. (If the incoming frequency is less than bus bar frequency then increase by operating the governor switch).

  • Look at the Dial Indicator on the Synchropanel. The Indicator should be rotating in the clockwise direction.
  • Operate the governor switch in such a way that the pointer slowly comes to 12'0' Clock position by rotating in a clockwise direction.
  • When the pointer is at 11 '0' clock position, PRESS the circuit breaker operating switch of Generator No 2.

Circuit Breaker of Generator No 2 will now close the pilot indicating lamp of Generator No-2 which will change from Red to Green. Operate the governor Switch G-2 to increase slowly load on next generator till the active and reactive load of Both generator equalize. After putting the generator on the load Switch of the Synchroscope.

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