In ship the battery room is always under the risk of explosion due release of hydrogen while charging. Hydrogen is a highly explosive gas and it's important to take some measures during maintenance.

 Two basic steps to be taken:
1. Providing sufficient ventilation.
2. prevention of any source of ignition.

The ventilation should be provided by arranging ventilation fans. The arrangement removes the accumulation of hydrogen gas(which lighter then the air) on top of the compartment inside. The fans should not produce any static charge. And ventilation ducts should be provided below the level which batteries are stored helps to forcing the gases out. The motor used should be approved so that no static charge or spark produced. 
Rubber coating should be done for tool used for maintenance to prevent the short circuit and spark generation when fells on the floor while working on batteries. The material and painting used in battery room should be corrosion resistance. 
To fill the distilled water inside the batteries, the fabric jugs should be used.  We should not use the naked lamps and smoking in the battery room.
Why batteries are not allowed to place the emergency switchboard room?
There is a chances of sparking in the emergency switchboard room due to arcing of the circuit breakers. 

Battery Maintenance

1) The batteries are maintained in a full charge condition and charging circuit is always connected.
2) With the help of hydrometer we can see the state of charge. The condition of specific gravity is checked by taking a sample by using this instrument. The specific gravity of the  fully charged lead acid battery is 1.280 at 15 deg. Centigrade.  During charging and discharging there is no change in specific gravity of alkaline batteries.This test is only for lead acid batteries.
3)Batteries to be filled with distilled water as there is a loss of water during charging.
4) Terminals of battery should be smeared with petroleum jelly and should be kept clean.

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