It is the latest and the toughest engine from wartisila Sulzer with installation of maximum automation. It consists of a common rail fuel injection method and uses fully integrated electronic system based on ahigh performance computer eliminating parts likes fuel pump, fuel cam, chain drive etc, resulting in reduced maintaince.

        It is the modern day engine design with exhaust valves fitted. It has became very famous in modern shipping as it is a balanced blend of automation and mechanical engineering. It consumes less fuel and produce more power with three fuel valves in one cylinder.

Following type of distribution in RT FLEX 

                Exhaust valve Drive
Fuel system

Following benefits of RT-FLEX engine are:

 Smokeless operation

Smokeless is major benifit in operation at all speed of ship. The superior combustion performance with the common-rail system is achieved by maintaining the injection pressure of fuel at optimum level right across the engine speed.
When engine at very low speed the visibility of emission keeps very low by the help of the selective shut-off of single injectors and an optimised exhaust valve timing.
(Sulzer RT-flex engines also comply more easily with the NOX emission limit in Annex VI of the MARPOL 73/78 convention, with the best possible trade-off between fuel consumption and NOX emissions at all loads.)

Reduced running costs

Low maintenance requirements and a lower part- load fuel consumption makes suzler  rt-flex engine cost of running is economical.
Maintenance costs become more predictable through better balanced operation and better retention of engine settings over many running hours.
Excellent balance in power developed between the different engine cylinders and from cycle to cycle is provided by the common-rail system with its volumetric control.

Lower running speeds

Precise control of injection, high injection pressures at low speed. and the sequential
shut-off of injectors combine to give steady running at very low running speeds without smoking, down to 10-12% of nominal speed.

High reliability and redundancy

The common-rail system concept also has inherent redundancy, adding to reliability and safety. Redundancy is built in through multiple fuel and servo oil pumps, together with duplicated high-pressure fuel and servo-oil delivery pipes, and electronic systems.

 *Reference:" wartisila SUZLER RT-FLEX ENGINE MANUAL"

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