6 crew members are suffering from fever in the Container ship of CMA CGM URAL coming from China.

On board container ship CMA CGM URAL, 6 crew members are found I'll with high temperature fever.The ship is presently streaming in Gulf of Aden, which started from China to Suez and then Mediterranean / Black sea ports, via Singapore. 
Ship called Chinese ports as follows: Shenzhen Jan 15;
Xiamen Jan 14; 
Ningbo-Zhoushan Jan 11; 

On 27 January morning the Merchant Shipping Association of Sri Lanka was on alert of mass crew illness .

It is not at conformed that the crew were effected with coronavirus.

Alert by Chinese port authority :

Seafarers are advised to wear mask and take safety precautions while entering into the Chinese ports, and seafarers are expected to remain on board ship and should not disembark their ship unless there is an emergency.

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