Cylinder Liner Calibration

  • Before calibrating the liner, remove the undulations and corrugations on the liner surface using a flex honor.

  • Fit a funnel below the liner to collect all the remnants produced while honing.
  • Clean the liner and remove all the abrasive particles.

  • Inspect the liner. Appearance of the line asave shows with the lubrication is adequate.
  • Examine the combustion space of any surface cracks on the liner.

  • Place the template on top surface of the liner.

  • Measure the inner diameter of the liner using a inside micrometer at the holes provided in the template.

  • Ensure that the temperature of the liner and micrometer are same.
  • Take reading at different vertical positions in forward aft and port starboard directions with particular attention to combustion space.

  • Record all the readings in the format shown.

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