Fuel Injector Overhauling

  • To overhaul the fuel injector
  • Remove the O rings of valve holder and valve head.
  • Slacken the union nut.
  • Pull the valve head out of valve holder.
  • Remove the non return valve, thrust spindle, spring, thrust foot, spindle guide and fuel nozzle from the valve holder.
  • Remove the O ring from the uppermost groove of the fuel valve holder.
  • Clean and examine all surfaces of the fuel valve, fuel holder, fuel valve head and thrust spindle.
  • Send the complete spindle guide and the  non return valve at an authorised repair shop for overhaul at the recommended running hours.
  • Do not remove the fuel nozzle from the spindle guide unless the spindle guide is dismantled.
  • Mount the spindle guide and fuel nozzle, in the fuel valve holder.
  • Fit back the thrust foot, spring, thrust spindle, non return valve in the fuel valve holder.
  • Renew the O ring in the uppermost groove of the fuel injector holder.
  • Place the valve head on top of the holder.
  • Thighten the union nut.
  • Renew O rings on the valve holder and the valve head.
  • Cover all the openings of the valve with plastic to prevent dirt from entering the valve during storage.

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