Ther are three types of tests that are normally done on ship

  1. Drop test
  2. Viscosity test
  3. Water content test

  1. Drop Test

  • Take a drop of lube oil from the sample and put it on a filter paper.

  • Wait till the filter paper observe the oil.

  • If the stain on filter paper is light and clear it indicates the oil is fresh and can be used.

  • If the stain is uniformly dark it indicates the oil is in use for some time and can be used.
  • If the stain is very dark it indicates oil should be renewed at the earliest opportunity.
  • If the oil is contaminated with diesel or water the stain will not uniform.
  • The center will be dark and the periphery will be light.

     2. Viscosity Test

  • In the viscosity test the flow of sample is compared with flow of fresh oil.

  • If the difference in the levels between tubes are negligible then the lube is good. You can use it for some more time.

  • If the level in the two sample reads either too high or too low then it indicates contamination. Change the lube oil immediately.

      3. Water Test

  • Water test kit is used to measure the water content in lubricants..

  • Take a small quantity of the lubricant to be tested, along with dry solvent and calcium hydride in a vessel.
  • Calcium hydride react with the water, producing hydrogen gas.
  • The pressure displayed on the gauge is proportional to the percentage or ppm of the water present in the solvent.
  • The gauge can display water content from 10 to 120,000 ppm over five ranges.


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