Overhauling of Cylinder head

Cylinder head assembly comprises of following parts.
  • Inlet valve.
  • Exhaust valve.
  • Start air inlet valve.
  • Fuel injector.
  • Combined indicator and relief valve.
  • Rocker arm assembly.

  • Before overhauling, take off the top and bottom cover from the cylinder head.

  • The cylinder head assembly is connected to exhaust manifold, scavenge manifold, cooling water system, starting air system, and fuel oil high pressure pipe.

  • To take out the cylinder head for overhaul remove the scavenge and exhaust manifolds.

  • Remove all the pipes connected to the cylinder head.

  • Remove the Rocker arm holder.

  • Take out the valve Yokes, push rods, and the protective tubes.

  • Remove indicator valve and fuel injector.
  • Hydraulically tightened nuts hold the cylinder head.

  • Place the jack mounts on the nuts.
  • Tighten the jacks on the  studs fully and open half turn.
  • Connect high pressure hose.

  • Operate the hydraulic pump and purge the air through the air vent plug.

  • Operate the hydraulic pump and increase to the prescribed pressure.
  • Slacken the nuts using the Tommy bar through the opening in the mount.

  • Take off the hydraulic Jack mounts and unscrew the cylinder cover nuts.
  • Lift the the cylinder head clear from the the top face of the liner, using appropriate lifting tool.


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