why bulbous bow is fitted on ship? what functions does the bulbous bow do? and it's advantages

Bulbous Bow :
Bulbous Bow is situated below the water line and in front of the ship's Hull.

Bulbous bow reduces the hull wave making resistance of a ship, which is the major residuary frictional resistance of a ship.

There are two types of wave will generate when the bulbous bow cuts the water.
Primary wave that is formed by the bow, at front side of bow will cut the secondary wave formed by the hull, hence the drag is reduced.

As a result there will be a reduction in resistance to the hull, which give more efficient and lesser fuel consumption.

Advantages of bulbous bow  :
  • Propulsion efficiency will increase.
  • Reduction in pitching.
  • Stability of the ship will increase.
  • Buoyancy of the ship will also increase.
  • Minimum drag is produced.
  • Fuel consumption will be reduced.
  • In the event of collision bulbous bow works as a rebust "bumper".
  • It allows the bow thrusters installation and making ship as more efficient.
  • There will be a extra protection for panting and pounding effect.
  • Overall fuel range efficiency will increase.


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