Know about ALCAP separators

  • ALCAP separators are used for purifying oil of specific gravity more than 0.991.
  • When oil is fed into the system through the oil inlet, the separated water and sludge accumulate at the bowl periphery.
  • The purified oil is discharged through the oil outlet.
  • It operates similar to clarifier.
  • However, the separator uses a flow control disc instead of the standard gravity disc, as the difference in specific gravity between the water and the fuel oil to be purified is less.
  • A water transducer is situated on the oil outlet side.
  • It senses the water content and activates the control unit.
  • When the accumulation of seperated water increases, the water approaches the disc and part of the water is carried over with the clean oil.
  • The water transducer senses the water in the oil and sends a signal to the control unit.
  • The control unit opens the water drain valve.
  • The accumulator water flows through the hole in the flow control disc and drains through the valve.
  • The accumulated water can also be removed through the sludge port along with the sludge during desludging.
  • The control unit is programmed to keep track of the number of times drain valve opens and the time elapsed after the last desludge cycle.
  • Accordingly, the control unit drains the water through valve, or by desludging.

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