let's know about major non - conformity

  • Major non-conformity means an identifiable deviation, which poses a serious threat to crewmembers or to the ship or is a serious risk to the environment and requires immediate action. 
  • In addition, the lack of effective and systematic implementation of an ISM requirement is considered as major non-conformity.

The ship should correct all the following major non-conformities prior to departure: 
  • The ISM certificates are not on board.
  • The Company mentioned on the DOC is not the same as the Company mentioned on the SMC.
  • The Safety Management documentation is not on board.
  • Safety information is not in the working language or in the language understood by the crew.
  • Senior officers are unable to identify the operator and designated person.
  • There is no procedure to contact the Company in emergency situations.
  • Drills have not been carried out according to the program.
  • New crew-members are not familiar with their duties (within the SMS).
  • Master's overriding authority is not documented and Master is unaware of his authority.
  • No records of maintenance kept or no evidence of maintenance has.
  • No records of maintenance kept or no evidence of maintenance has been carried out as indicated in the records.

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