procedure to follow for lube oil filter cleaning

  • Lubricating oil system uses duplex filters where both the filters are in use.
  • Filters are cleaned by blow off during operation.
  • Blow off one filter at a time.
  • Partially block the oil flow to one filter and then increase the flow to normal.
  • The oil flows back and cleans the filter element.
  • Repeat the same procedure for the other filter.
  • Clean the filter elements when not in operation.
  • Isolate one side of the filter.
  • Open the purge cock of the filter in use and ensure that oil flows through the filter.
  • Open the purge cock of the filter which is not in use.
  • Open the cover after the oil stops flowing and take out the filter element.
  • The element is made of notched wire wound in shape of a cage.
  • The notch height depends on the rate of filtration, it is 50 microns.
  • Clean the filter element and put it back with the filter housing.

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