The reasons behind the rise of exhaust gas temperature in main engine

There are multiple reasons mentioned below :

  1. Defect in thermometer  (local /remote).
  2. The load on the engine is too high.
  3. If the size of the hole in the injector nozzle becomes enlarged due to which proper atomization will not take place and lead to rising in the exhaust temperature.
  4. Incorrect timing of the fuel pump.
  5. Bad quality of fuel or incorrect fuel treatment.
  6. Fouling of Exhaust Gas Passageways Combustion products build upon the turbocharger nozzle and the surface of turbine blades, clogging the exhaust gas passage and reducing turbocharger efficiency.
  7. Fouling of the Scavenge Air Ports - If we give excess lubrication then that oil stuck on the scavenge ports and also clogging of the scavenge ports because of the combustion product which goes down because of the blow past in the unit.

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