The various structural elements providing strength and integrity in the aft area

At the Aft part - Stern frame : 

Transom stern :
A transom stern is constructed using flat, athwartships or vertical plates. The bottom of the stern touches the waterline.

Rudder trunk :
Rudder trunk is a box made of welded plates with the transom floor as its forward end. It houses the rudder stock, which enters the hull through a water tight gland sealing arrangement. The rudder stock is inspected through a manhole cover in the hull. This cover has a watertight closing arrangement.

Stealer plate :
It is a plate at the extremities of a ship in the shell or deck plating Its purpose is to reduce the surface area of the plating. For example 3 strakes by 2 strakes. This single plate producing the effect is called a stealer plate.

Oxter plate :
An oxter plate is a shell plate cf the double curvature under the transom floor. It extends from the fore side of the stern post in the direction of the bow.

Stern frame : 
The stern frame is one complete place which is cast, forged or fabricated using steel plates and sections. It incorporates the udder gudgeons and in single screw ships, it includes the propeller post. The lower part of the stern frame provides support in case of an unbalanced rudder.

Steering flat :
The steering flat is located above the aft peak tank and below the aft poop deck.
It houses steering gear, pumps, motors and associated fittings. Store rooms, rope lockers and manholes to the aft peak tank are located in the steering flat.

Aft peak tank :
The aft peak tank carries ballast water and provides trim to the ship. It consists of solid floors, centreline girders, bulkhead stiffeners and under deck longitudinals.

Aft peak bulkhead :
An aft peak bulkhead forms a watertight division between aft end and machinery spaces. It encloses the stern tubes in a watertight compartment and terminates at the first deck above the load waterline.

Solid floor : 
In a double bottom tank, a solid floor is a transverse steel plate that extends from centreline girder to the beginning of hopper tank or margin plate. It is fitted at every frame space. Lightening holes in the solid floor ensure escape of air and water from each frame space to air pipes and suctions.

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