Ships Energy Efficiency Management Program (SEEMP)

SOx Emission limit :
Outside ECA - 6gm/kWh of the engine power.

For reducing the SOx content in the flue gas, one design user a Scrubber tower in the uptake which uses Seawater & Aqueous Urea, which then makes the water a base in turn used to neutralize the acidic property of flue gas/soot.

Boiler efficiency :
To increase the boiler efficiency, the excess oxygen used in the combustion air must be optimised.
According to the composition of fuel we need to calculate the stoichiometric ratio amount of O2 required for combustion, we use only 3-4% of O2 in excess.
Usually, the ratio is 1:14, so 1gm of fuel we take 14 gms of O2 for combustion.

Compressor efficiency :
Pressure Ratio in each stage = (Pf/Pi)¹/².
Intermediate pressure Pi =√P1.P2. (its stage two)
Pi/P1 =P2/Pi.

Engine Efficiency:
Every hour, the lube oil should circuit minimum 6 times through the bearings in the engine.
Efficiency in refrigeration :

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