What are the types of Statutory Surveys

Types of Statutory Surveys.

Initial survey (Statutory):

Before the ship is put into service, a complete inspection of the design, construction of the structure, machinery and equipment should be done.
This survey is done in order to verify that applicable statutes met. For example, for the first issuance of a cargo ship safety construction certificate.
The initial survey of the following should be done to check whether they comply with the requirements of the regulations are in satisfactory condition and a fit for which the ship is intended.
  • Arrangements material scantlings and workmanship of the structure.
  • Boilers and other pressure vessels, their appurtenances.
  • Main and auxiliary machinery including steering air and associated control systems.
  • Electrical installation and other equipment. For tankers, this survey also includes inspection of the pump rooms, cargo, bunkers, ventilation piping systems and associated safety devices.
  • The required stability information also must be provided.

Renewal Survey (statutory):

All intervals as may be decided by the administration, not exceeding five years, other than as may be different for passenger ships.
The survey will include an inspection of the structure, machinery and equipment to verify the following:
  • Compliance of the applicable regulations.
  • Maintained satisfactorily to be fit for the service for which the ship is intended.

Annual Survey (Statutory):

This survey is carried out at intervals within the window of (-) 3 months and  (+) 3 months of the anniversary date.
The survey will include a general inspection of the structure, machinery and equipment of the ship as referred to under "initial survey".
This is done to ensure that the ship structures have been maintained in all respects and that the ship is fit to go to sea without danger to the ship or the persons on board.

Intermediate survey (Statutory):

This survey needs to be carried out within the window of 3 months before the second-anniversary date to 3 months after the 3rd-anniversary date.
For cargo ship safety construction certificate, this survey should include an inspection of the items mentioned under the initial survey.
But the degree of exhaustiveness will depend on the age of the ship, post-performance records and the degree of their critically as perceived by the attending surveyor.
The scope of the survey will therefore range between an annual survey and a renewal survey.
Also, the insulation resistance of the ship's electrical installations in the dangerous zones must be done during this survey.

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