Variable operating Fuel Injector in marine diesel engine.

Variable operating Fuel Injector

  • Optimum combustion and thermal efficiency require an optimized fuel injection pattern. In conventional type, this pattern was dependent on cams, fuel pumps and injector.
  • In ME engines electronic control with NC valves gives greater control of the fuel injection. There are more fuel injector valves usually three in number. Opening of the valves is done in stages one by one, and progressively.
  • Different amounts in increasing quantities can be supplied to each of the three valves. This progressive opening is done so that the pressure at the injection start will not decrease in the rail system during the injection. This would happen due to fuel flowing out of rail to the injectors, at a much faster rate than the fuel supply to rail.
  • Double injection increases the sfoc slightly but lowers the Nox by 20%. Electronically profiled injection (EPIC) is carried out. Electronic control ensures fuel injection timing and rate, as well as exhaust valve timing and operation, is exactly when and as desired.

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