Basic functions of a purifier on ship

Closing of bowl

  • After the purifier has attained its full rpm, the bowl closing water also called as the operating water is supplied at the bottom.
  • Sliding bowl bottom is pressed upwards against a seal ring by the hydraulic force of the operating water.

Sealing water

  • The sealing water is now supplied through the sealing water inlet.
  • The supply of sealing water is continued until it comes out of the water outlet.

Dirty oil

  • The dirty oil is supplied in to the bowl through the dirty oil inlet.
  • Due to centrifugal force, the oil displaces the water and the sludge to the bowl periphery and rises upwards through the disc stack.
  • The clean oil is then discharged through the clean oil outlet.
  • Sludge and water particles accumulate at the bowl periphery and separated water is continuously discharged through the water outlet.


  • The sludge ports in the periphery of the bowl are covered by the sliding bowl bottom.
  • For desludging, oil feed inlet to the purifier is stopped and the operating water is closed.
  • The bowl opening water, also called the desludging water is supplied for a few seconds during which the water flows on from the top of the operating.
  • The water force exceeds the spring force and pushes the operating slide downwards.
  • The entire operating water is discharged through the nozzle.
  • This causes the sliding bowl to move downwards, thereby opening the sludge ports.
  • The sludge is discharged through sludge ports.
  • The cycle is restarted and the operation continues.

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