The maintenance checks to be carried out on the boiler at particular time intervals

Boiler maintenance schedule

Every Day

  • Check boiler steam pressure and water level.
  • Check whether feedwater control system is operational.
  • Check boiler water condition; if necessary, blow down the boiler.
  • Make necessary countermeasures with regard to the feed and boiler water treatment.
  • Check the function of oil burner at different capacities through the inspection holes on the boiler.
  •  Check the flue gas temperature and check the manometer for pressure drop of air in the boiler tubes.
  • Clean the generating tube bank, if the temperature or draft loss is too high.
  • Clean the rotary cup as required depending on the oil quality.
  • Check V belt tension.
  • Blow through each water level glass for about 10-15 seconds.

Every Week

  • In case of contaminated boiler water or insufficient water treatment, draining of water level gauges must be done often.
  • Blow down the boiler, depending on the boiler water tests.
  • Provide intermittent flash blowdown rather than a long continuous blowdown.
  • Repeat the blowdown operation when required according to the boiler water tests Scum blowdown by means of scum valve.
  • Carry out scum blowout until the drain water is clean.

Every Month

  • Test all stand by pumps and equipment
  • Check all boiler mountings for damage or leaks and repair if necessary
  • Examine boiler safety cut-outs and burner cut-outs
  • Check flame scanner, the primary and secondary air pressure switches, and the oil temperatures switches for their proper function Check other safety interlocks which are connected to the burner control system.
  • Clean the ignition tube or ignition electrodes
  • Check the electrode gap and readjust if necessary
  • Check refractory material in the outer air annulus ring and refractory lining in the combustion chamber
  • Check the flame shape and colour for proper combustion. Check low water level. low water level alarm and trip
  • Lubricate and grease all linkages

Every 6 months

  • Water wash the fireside.
  • Check the functioning of combustion system.

Every Year

  • Clean the bearing in the drive motors and the burner shaft and grease.
  • Clean the air ducts from deposits in respective assemblies.

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