Engine crankcase is the place for crankshaft and main bearings. The load of the crankshaft is taken by the main bearings. Lube oil has to be inspected and maintained at correct pressure and temperature to reduce the wear and increase in life of bearing.everyday while checking the lube oil sump level, the quality of oil should be observed.
The inspection of crankcase should be done periodically to check the following:

  • Connecting rod play in the crank pin.
  • Lube oil condition.
  • Flow of lube oil.
  • External condition of crank pin and main bearings.
  • Locking arrangement of main bearing bolts and connecting rod bolts.
  • Balancing balancing weight arrangement is secure.
  • See for carbon deposits and micro organisms on the crankcase wall.
  • Any smell of Hydrogen sulphide.
  • Check the crankcase relief door opening by pressing with the hand or if check the spring balance so that value of force applied can be seen.

  • Any sign of hotspot.

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