Life of seafarers is not a bed of roses

Covid -19 brought devastating effects to the global maritime industry.
 In total 90% of world trade is done by water.
Our support and respect is much needed to them.
                                        Let us consider them as unsung heroes.

  • They take new challenges every day.
  • Approximately there are 2 million seafarers around the world. These are the people behind the vast majority of trade all over the globe.
  • There professionalism and dedication keeps the moving of goods that includes foods, medical, fuel, machinery, etc,.
  • we must accept the world relies on seafarers, from comforts we use to the food we eat.

How COVID-19 Effects the seafarers:

  • 2020 brought sorrows in the life of seafarers.
  • These are the people who gave us goods from food to medicines during covid-19 globally.
  • But they are under treat now, 400000 mariners are stranded on board their ships, due countries failed to agree the crew changes.
  • We should realize that the seafarers on the front line in this pandemic situation by performing an vital role in maintaining the flow of emergency supplies all around the globe.
  • At present situation, 1 in 5 seafarers are stuck at sea living away from family with unclear future thus the mental and physical health is at stack.

Philippines, known for world of seafarers is facing worst situation during the pandemic
More then Filipinos are jobs less and thousands of others and stranded on board ships.
More than 10% of the total GDP of Philippines is depends on the seafarers.
At present government of Philippines is suffering terrible impact on economy.

Effect of COVID - 19 on joining seafarers:

There are nearly 2.5 lac seafarers who are eagerly waiting to join the ship.
There are hundreds of thousands of seafarers who completed few months of break ended and they were ready to join ship in month of January and February. while getting joining formalities done, ther is big out break of corona pandemic, that halting of the crew change due to stoppage of all the international flight from India, a important factor that rotates the crew.

There will be a effect in NRI status of Indians:

As a result, the NRI status of Indian seafarers will be lost, if less then 184 days (present 240 as per nirmala sitharaman said, at to be decide) in the financial year of 2019 -2020.
If they lost their NRI status, the taxes need to paid to Indian government.

But now, some larger companies had taken step forward by transporting their crew in charted flight and governments of few countries are taking measure to bring back the seafarers who are stranded.

At present in india 60-70% of the seafarers who are stranded are reached their home, for remaining the shipping mininstry as planned to collect list of seafarers and with thier companies to discharge as soon as possible.

Thank You,
For contribution to the economy.
For keeping world running.

As we Know today i.e. 25/06/2020, is international day of seafarers.

Congratulations to all the seafarers on your wonderful journey of life.

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