How the construction of transformer is done and types of transformers used?

Construction of Transformer:

  • The primary and secondary windings are insulated from each other.
  • This assembly is erected inside a container.
  • The four lugs are brought out through terminals.
  • This is a simple construction of transformer for low voltage level and capacity.
  • When the capacity goes high the voltage levels go high.
  • Hence oil is used for insulation purpose as a cooling medium for transferring heat by convection method.
  • When more heat has to be released, oil is  circulated through cooling arrangement place externally.
  • The cooling arrangements are by simple radiation through the tubes or by forced air cooling.
  • When the voltage level goes high, bushings are used to tap the supply from the windings.
  • Bushings are insulated tubes with concentric conductors.
  • Does we know the construction logic for simple and complex transformer.

Type of Transformers:

The transformers are classified into two types based on its construction.

They are :

  1. Core type transformer.
  2. Shell type transformer.

1. Core type transformer :

  • In core type transformer, the winding surround a considerable part of the laminated core.
  • In the diagram the primary and secondary winding's are shown at the opposite limbs of the core.
  • But, practically the winding's are split into two halves and mounted on both the limbs to reduce leakage flux.
  • The typical arrangement of core type transformer is shown with primary and secondary winding's.
  • Considered the primary winding has low voltage (L, V) winding and secondary winding as high voltage (H,V) winding.
  • The low voltage winding is easiest to insulate when comparing with the high voltage winding.
  • So, the low voltage winding is placed closest to the core or earth point.
  • The coil used in this type of transformer are former - wound.
  • The shape of coil is cylindrical.
  • These cylindrical coils are insulated from each other with the the help of materials like paper, cloth, micarta board etc.

2. Shell type transformer :

  • In shell type of transformer the core surrounds a considerable portion of the winding's.
  • The whole arrangement of the shell type transformer is shown in figure.
  • In this type also the coils are former wound.
  • They are multiplayer disc type generally wound in the form of pancakes.
  • The different layers of multi-layer is risks from each other with the help of insulator.
  • The whole coil arrangement as multi-layer discs with insulation spaces.
  • These installations spaces are used for cooling purpose.
  • This type of transformers are generally in simple rectangular type shape  or distributed type shape.

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