Know the Differences between AC & DC

1. Amount of energy carried Safer to transfer longer distance and provides more power. Cannot be travel longer distance, as it begins to lose energy
2. Direction cause due to flow of electrons Rotating magnetic field Steady magnetism
3. Frequency In India AC frequency 50 HZ and in some countries up to 60 HZ For DC the frequency is ZERO
4. Direction When flowing in a circuit, it changes the direction When flowing circuit it flows in one direction
5. Current In AC the magnitude varies according to time In DC there will be a constant current
6. Flow of electrons Always changes the direction Keep flowing in one direction
7. Obtained AC generators and from grid Cells or battery
8. Passive parameter Impedance Resistance only
9. Power factor Lies between 0 & 1 Always 1
10. Types Sinusoidal, Trapezoidal, Triangular, Square Pure and pulsating

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