As a duty engineer what is your action when you receive a low level water alarm in boiler

When your a duty engineer you should able to run the machinery alone, even in emergency situation you need to handle the problems in a proficient manner.

The actions to be taken when you hear a low level water alarm in boiler :

  1. First accept the alarm when you hear it.
  2. Do not go for blow through to check it was right alarm or not unless the boiler is shut off completely because consider it was a worst case.
  3. Go for blow through to check the water level is okay or not (make sure the boiler is stopped).
  4. If you find the actual level of water is low, then do not fill the water immediately because tubes may get damaged and you might get into a big problem.
  5. Let the boiler cool completely and give sufficient time for cooling , after check condition of furnace and make sure that every thing is fine.   

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