What is the process of removing fuel oil filter for cleaning during main engine running

  • Fuel oil system uses duplex type of filters.
  • only one filter is used at a time while other kept clean or stand by.
  • At regular intervals the filters are cleaned or when there is drop in pressure.
  • To clean the filter, we need to changeover other filter which is cleaned.
  • Open the purge cock of the filter that in use and ensure that oil flows through the filter.
  • Now open the purge cock of the which is not in use.
  • Open the cover after the oil stops flowing and take out the filter elements.
  • We need to be careful when we use heavy fuel oil, as it is in high temperature.
  • The element of the filter is made up of wire gauze.
  • Wire gauze size depends on rate of filtration in microns, it varies between 5 microns to 35 microns.
  • we should clean the element with kerosene and compressed air.
  • Place the filter element back with the cover.
  • Change it over slowly and purge the air from the filter housing. 

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