Environmental emergency in Mauritius due oil spill of Japanese merchant vessel.

Japanese merchant vessel named MV Wakashio, owned by (Okiyo Maritime Corporation / Nagasaki Shipping Co Ltd), It was a Panama flagged empty bulk carrier set course from China via Singapore to Brazil, on 25th July ship got grounded at Poite d'Esny in southern Mauritius. due to wait of almost two week for adequate tugs to arrive the hull has split and began to leak 4000 tons of heavy fuel oil into the Indian ocean , this oil containment booms appear to have failed and now an ecological disaster is unfurling.
Mauritius declares the state of environmental emergency, prime minister of Mauritius asked help of the France to cleanup the effected region and president of France promised to send the teams. but volunteers at local already started there cleanups to rescue their heritage place.

We can see now situation is getting worse the spill effecting so many sector tourism the economy ecology, local saloons are offering free hair cut so that they can use that to soak up the oil, while 4000 tons of fuel oil may seems like a relatively small amount compare to major oil leaks its impact on Mauritius is huge the islands are surrounded by some of the worlds most valuable coral reefs and tourism is crucial to the economy the impact will be not only be ecological it will equally a economical because many derive their lively wood from the fish.
Officials say its the first time 1.3 million islands faced with an environmental crisis of this kind experts fear ship could break up and causing even greater fuel leak and inflicting catastrophic damage to marine life.

Mr Sudheer Maudhoo, Minister of Blue Economy, Marine Resources, Fisheries and Shipping assured the population that all necessary precautions were being taken to prevent any kind of pollution at sea, especially with the close proximity to Blue Bay Marine Park.

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