Know the regulations and marking on life jacket as per SOLAS, What is abbrevation of H.E.L.P?

As we know life jacket is a personal L.S.A.
Check the fire control plan on board ship to know the location and number of life jacket present on ship.

Points as per SOLAS regulations :
  • Every person on board ship should have personal life jacket, and there should be extra life jackets for watch keepers, and also there should be a extra 5% of life jackets at muster station and embarkation station.
  • Inflatable and rigid are the types of life jackets.
  • Made of non-flammable material or synthetic buoyant material.
  • Orange color is used internationally, because it is highly visible from far.
  • Life jacket should be donned without any help in 1 min and it should be comfortable after wearing.
  • Life jacket should be capable of allow jump into water from a height of minimum 4.5 m without any physical injury and damage of life jacket.
  • After 24 hour of submersion in fresh water the life jacket buoyancy must not be decline more than 5% of its original.
  • Things to be mounted on life jacket :
                        1. Retro reflective tape.
                        2. A whistle secured with strap.
                        3. Manual igniting light , which is white in color and capable of continuous burning,                                 its intensity is not be less than 0.75 candela having minimum 50 of 70 flashes per                                  minute for time period of 8 hours.

  • Shall not be sustained burning or continues melting after being caught in the fire for a period of 2 seconds.
  • The marking that are present on life jacket are :
                                          a. name of the manufacturer.
                                          b. serial number.
                                          c. date of manufacture.
                                          d. carrying weight capacity.
                                          e. "front" indicating word printed.


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