Let us know about the safeties that present on the air compressors to avoid damage to the component and ensure safe operation

 Safety devices on the air compressor will prevent damage to component and ensure safety of operation.

The safety devices in a compressor are relief valve fitted at every stage of the compressor, bursting disc, alarms, and cutouts for high air temperature and low lubricating oil pressure.

  1. Relief valve are fitted at every stage of the compressor, it release the excess pressure when the pressure rises above set value.
  2. Bursting disc is a copper disc fitted in the water space of the inter/after cooler. if tube of the cooler fail, it will burst at a predetermined safe pressure and release the pressure.
  3. Fusible plug is fitted on the air receiver, In the event of fire vicinity of air receiver, the rise in the temperature will cause the core to melt and release the air.

Marine air compressor are having various safety features and cutouts installed so that they will trip when they are running in unsafe condition.

  1. Lube oil low pressure alarm and trip : If lube oil pressure goes lower than the normal, the alarm is sounded followed by cutout trip signal to avoid damage to bearing and crankshaft.
  2. Water high temperature trip : If the intercoolers are chocked or flow of water is less, then the air compressor will get over heated. To avoid this high water temperature is activated which cuts offs the compressor.
  3. Water no flow trip : If the attached water pump is not working due to mechanical failure, or the intercooler is restricting the cooling water flow, not enough to cool the compressor, the moving parts inside the compressor will get seized due to overheating. A no flow trip switch is provided to stop the compressor.
  4. Motor overload trip : If unloader is not in open condition, when the compressor is started, then starting current becomes too high which can damage the motor while running due to some mechanical issue, like main bearing seizure, broken piston rings etc., the current can be high. hence an overload trip is provided.

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