Checks to done before starting the centrifugal pump

 Before starting the pump :

Check whether any maintenance work is carrying out on the pump. if it is completed be clear that job as been done clearly and tested the pump working.

According to the regulation under ISM, the operational manual of that particular ship provides you necessary checklist. The points to be checked before starting the pump are :

  • Make sure that discharge valve is slightly open condition, this is important step because as these pumps are lack high suction rate.
  • Turn the pump shaft by hand, make sure that pump turns smoothly.
  • Check the coupling for the drive and driven shaft to rotate smooth, without any unsteady rotation.
  • Now open the suction valve and start the pump, check the current, pressure, any visible leakages, unusual sound.
  • If all looks ok, open discharge valve fully and continue the running of pump.

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