what is the reason for refer compressor starting and stopping too frequently (short cycling)? and action needed to rectify the problem?

Cause :
  • In the coil gas trapped due to over frosting and hence sufficient gas unable to pass through return or suction line causing L.P. cut out.
  • Charge of refrigerant is low.
  • Due to Air in the system can cause high discharge pressure and cut off compressor on HP-cut out.
  • Expansion valve is partially blocked

Actions to be done :
  • Collect the gas in the receiver by defrosting the coil. Coil is defrosted once trapped gas is released, slowly open the receiver outlet and put compressor in use.
  • Refrigerant to be charged.
  • Purge the air out of the system by collecting the gas in to receiver.
  • Clean the filters.

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