Emergency generator regulations and its location on board ship. How will we take emergency generator on load?

SOLAS CHAPTER 21 Regulation 42 for passengers ships and Regulation 43 for cargo ships.

A Self Contained emergency generator shall be provided. The power rating of the Emergency generator is based on the size of the ship.

  • It shall be located above the uppermost continuous deck outside the engine room.
  • It should be readily accessible from the open deck.
  • It should be located Aft of the Collision Bulkhead.
  • Emergency Generator, Switchboard, Emergency Lighting Switchboard and Transformer units all shall be located in the same compartment.


  • Fuel Flashpoint shall not be less than 43°C.
  • It shall start and come on the load within 45 sec after a blackout.
  • It shall be started at 0°C or it shall have a heating arrangement.
  • It shall be able to start in 22.5°C List and 10° Trim.
  • It shall have at least two independent sources of starting. Both of them shall be able to provide at least three consecutive starts."

Supply: Fuel to be available so that 36 hours for passengers ship and 18 hours for cargo ships supply (power) to be maintained.

Load test of emergency generator:

  1. Inform Master or Bridge and C/E.
  2. Check the Engine (Lube oil, coolant, Fuel oil vent, Battery).
  3. Press the simulation button.
  4. Breaker for MSB to ESB will open (Interconnector).
  5. The emergency Generator will start and come on load in 45 seconds.
  6. Start increasing load on ESB slowly.
  7. Make an entry in Engine Log Book.

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  1. what is the capacity of emergency generator for bulk ship below 5000 GRT?


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