Two best books for marine engineers to learn about marine diesel engines and auxiliary machineries

The best books for marine engineers to get sufficient knowledge on Maine engines and marine auxiliary machinery. I personally recommend these books for the guys who are preparing for the marine engineer officer class 2 & class 4 examinations. These books very well explained and easy to understand the concepts. I strongly suggest studying in books rather than pdfs, when you study in pdfs or soft copies the concentration rate is will be lower when compared to books.

For marine diesel engines, I would recommend Marine diesel engines by Deven Aranha and for auxiliary machines, I would recommend Marine Auxiliary machinery by HD McGeorge.

You can find these books easily on amazon, Here I will provide the link so that you can buy them directly by clicking. 

some brief description of these two books :

Marine Diesel Engines by Deven Aranha : 

This is highly recommended for marine engineers which they can learn about engine running problems, watch keeping, engine overhaul, fault, defects, and problems of all engine components. This book mainly teaches you a complete picture of the main engine.

This book helps in the preparation of marine engineer officer examinations for marine engineers.

The content covers in the book are 

  1. Ic engines.
  2. Engine components.
  3. Air System.
  4. Air Compressors.
  5. Fuel system.
  6. Lubrication System.
  7. Cooling System.
  8. Starting Reversing and manoeuvring.
  9. Engines stresses, vibration, and dynamics.
  10. Engine overhaul and maintenance.
  11. Engine Description and specifications.
  12. Engine Developments.
  13. Engine emissions.
  14. Engine performance and indicators cards.
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Marine Auxiliary Machinery by HD Mc George:

This highly respected and recommended book instructs marine engineers in the operation, care, and maintenance of the auxiliary machinery and apparatus on board ship and is essential reading for marine engineers preparing for Indian Certificates of Competency examinations

The content cover in this book is:

  1. Main propulsion services and heat exchangers.
  2. machinery services and equipment.
  3. Ship service systems.
  4. Valves and pipelines.
  5. Pumps and pumping.
  6. Tanker and gas carrier cargo pumps and systems.
  7. Auxiliary power.
  8. The propeller shaft.
  9. Steering gears.
  10. Bow thrusters, stabilizers, and stabilizing systems.
  11. Refrigeration.
  12. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.
  13. Deck machinery and cargo equipment.
  14. Fire protection.
  15. Safety and safety equipment.
  16. Control and instrumentation.
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