Fuel pump overhauling

  • Before overhauling, clean the outer surface of the fuel pump.
  • Clamp the fuel pump in the vice and remove the delivery valve holder.
  • Take out the delivery valve.
  • Invert the pump, depress the plunger guide and take out the stop ring.
  • Take out the plunger guide.
  • Remove spring seats, spring and plunger.
  • Remove the control sleeve and the control rack.
  • Remove the barrel set screw and take the plunger barrel out.
  • Clean all the components with kerosene using a soft brush. Never use a steel brush.
  • Always handle plunger and plunger barrel as a pair.
  • Renew the O rings.
  • Insert the plunger barrel and fix it with the set screws.
  • Insert the control rack and fix the control sleeve.
  • Match the marks on the control rack, control sleeve and plunger. A mismatch of the marks affects the fuel delivery.

  • Assemble the spring seat, spring guide and the stop ring.
  • Invert the pump and fix the delivery valve.
  • If required replace the valve as a unit. Apply molykote and tighten the delivery valve holder.
  • After assembling the fuel pump ensure that the control rack moves smoothly.

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