Procedures followed during the maintenance of water tube boilers

Procedures followed during the maintenance of water tube boilers :

  • Remove the air register (s), clean thoroughly and check for proper operation.

  • Diffusers and burner tubes which are prone to get dirty/clogged are cleaned.

  • Register-flaps if worn due to their oscillating movements are repaired/renewed.
  • Superheater tube compartment is to be thoroughly cleaned of dirt and the tubes must be properly inspected.

  • Stiffeners/ supports may be checked and renewed as necessary.
  • Water-washing may be carried out provided the refractory is not affected.

  • Soot and deposits are cleaned out from the furnace and tube-walls.

  • The main tube-bank and fire-row tubes should be examined for damage and cleanliness.
  • Sliding feet for the boiler frame is to be checked and greased.

  • During commissioning back, the boiler should be checked for steam and gas leakage.

Following are the additional procedures carried out for major overhauls:

  • Header tubes and water tubes as accessible through the hand holes should be inspected by an introscope and internal of the steam drum should also be checked.
  • Improper boiler fittings should be dismantled, checked, grounded/polished and repacked.
  • Soot-blowers are overhauled and refractory damage must be repaired.

  • Chemical cleaning may be required in consultation with a specialist if deposits are found in the boiler tubes in spite of water treatment.

  • The chemicals in use are usually sodium carbonate (added with sodium phosphate if required and in a proper solution) and anhydrous trisodium phosphate.
  • While water-washing, drain connections are to be provided / kept open in the boiler floor.


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