Launching procedure of enclosed life boat

 Launching procedure of enclosed lifeboat

Initial preparations: Make fast Toggle painter, Ship drain plugs, Remove harbour pins, Disconnect electrical charging cable, Bring in EPIRB and SART, Board (wearing a lifejacket) when instructed, sit and fasten seat belts.

Preparation for launching: Release gripes. Secure hatches. Open vents if in a safe atmosphere, Close vents if in a dangerous atmosphere.

Lower boat to water: Check that there is no obstruction below the boat. Release the brake by pulling the handle inside the boat. Release gently to avoid jerks. Lower at constant speed.

On landing in water: Keep the brake open until the falls are released. Release the falls. If falls do not disengage, operate emergency release by breaking the glass. Move the lever to green zone and release the falls.
Letting go: Open-air supply and water spray valves if in a dangerous atmosphere. Start the Engine Release toggle painter when ready to move. Steer the boat away from the ship.

Actions once in the water: Look for and rescue anyone in the water. Switch on EPIRB and SART. Muster other boats and life rafts. Stream sea anchor when well away from the ship.

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