Launching procedure of open life boat

 Launching procedure of open lifeboat

Initial preparations: Make fast Toggle painter, Ship drain plugs, Remove Harbour pins, Lower embarkation ladder, Release gripes after senhouse slip.

Lower to embarkation deck: Lift brake gently and Lower to embarkation deck. Ship Rudder and tiller.

Secure to embarkation deck: Make fast Bowsing-in tackles.

Boarding: Let go tricing pendants. Board when ordered to (wearing lifejacket). Sit as low as possible and keep hands inside the boat.

Lower to water: Let go Bowsing-in tackles equally fore and aft from the boat. Lower boat to the water.

Letting go: Release falls. Embark launching crew. Move away from the ship by fending off by boat hook. Let go toggle painter. Start the Engines and move away from the ship minding the hanging falls.


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